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To get your Racing Boss account, you must complete registration form. Information that you provide will help us to verify that you are actually a real person and will let us to create your account that represents you.

We only accept real names, so please no Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso or any other fake names - your account application will be rejected. Only one account per person!!!

While your account is created right away (and you can login right after it), your game office application is reviewed by our staff and it may take up tp 24 hours to verify after which you will be informed by email. We do it to make sure that there are no duplicate accounts, multies, fake names, etc. so we can provide best game experience for your and your fellow Racing Boss managers.

We will absolutely never disclose your information to third parties, will never sell it, give it away or loan it. Your Email may be used to contact you once in a while on very important game issues, like opening your account, closing it or a friendly reminder about important game events, but it will not be used for any advertising. So you can register safely, we will take good care of your personal and private information which is so important for everyone. You can read more about our Privacy Policy. Once your account is created, you can opt out of any email communication by changing your preferences in your "Settings" page.

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