RACING BOSS is a free online racing management game, in which you control a racing team against players from all over the world. Working from your virtual office you are able to design, repair and setup your racecar, forge deals with suppliers and sponsors, give tactical orders to your driver and decide on race strategies. You are also able to make contact and form a team with other players and become part of a friendly game community.

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track: Monaco - Monaco
Flag Monaco Monaco

2019-05-21 18:00:00
1. flag: Slovakia J.Pecler 78 laps 25
2. flag: Latvia I.Sudalenko* +56.941 18
3. flag: Greece T.Tserpelis**** +1 laps 15
4. flag: Lithuania R.Petniūnas* +1 laps 12
5. flag: Romania A.Herban +1 laps 10
6. flag: Lithuania R.Minikevičius +1 laps 8
7. flag: United Kingdom D.Abberley +1 laps 6
8. flag: Italy J.Gallo +1 laps 4
9. flag: Lithuania D.Kazerskas +2 laps 2
10. flag: Germany M.Hessel +2 laps 1